Saturday, 23 July 2011

word problems

a.Jerome has 50 trucks with 500 lollies in them how many lollies dose he have .
b.Austin has 25 packets of lollies and they have 20 lollies in them how many lollies does he have
c.Lisiate has 60 cars each car has a horse power of 500 miles per hour how many miles can he. go .
d.Nathaniel has 10 houses each house has 40 children in them how many children does he have.
e.Alex has 20 lollipops and buys 10x more than that how many lollipops did Alex have.
f.James has 50 trucks each truck has 100 rocks in it how many rocks did James have

Can you figure out what the answer and what stratergie was.

Friday, 22 July 2011

How to make a paper Aerofoil

Making an Aerofoil
To test how a jet's wing moves to create a powerful
force to lift the heavy machinery
Aerfoil instructions:

hole punch
cotton twine into strands 45cm

1.Add paper
2. Apply the tape
3.Punch a hole in the middle of the paper and insert the 45 cm long cotton twine threads.
. P4ut it through the hole.
5. Tie it tightly.

Special NZ birds of prey

Meet Whisper the Morepork
Join Andrew and Ineke Smets inside the aviary of Whisper the morepork and hear her story of survival.
1. How old is Whisper?
Whisper is about 4 years old .
2. Whisper has been hand-raised and is quite friendly. What is the term Ineke uses to describe this type of bird?
Ineke described Whisper as half human half morepork.
3. How do Whisper’s soft, rounded feathers help her?
The soft feathers help her to fly silently in the bush so she can catch her prey.

Karearea the New Zealand Falcon
Debbie Stewart introduces you to Shaheena, a beautiful falcon with a sharp bite!
1. How can you tell that Shaheena is still a young bird?
She still has blue feathers around her beak and eyelids .
2. What is special about a falcon’s beak?
They have special notches around there beak that are called teeth to make it like a nut cracker.
3. How do the baffles in its nostrils help?
It stops the wind from going in the nostrils and making the Falcon light headed.

Meet Tahi the Special Barn Owl
You are back at the aviary. Come and meet New Zealand’s only captive barn owl.
1. Where did Tahi’s parents come from?
They were living in Australia till they were blown to New Zealand.
2. How did Tahi hurt his wing?
They think he was learning to fly when he hit himself on a fence.
3. What do barn owls like to eat?
They eat rats and mice.

Motat trip

Wednesday 13 April 2011
Glenbrae school M.O.T.A.T trip y/4 y/5 y/6

Have you ever been to the museum of transport and technology (M.O.T.A.T) in Auckland New Zealand?.
Y/4 Y/5 and Y/6 at Glenbrae School all went
for a wonderful exciting trip to M.O.T.A.T. to learn about
water and a little bit about air too. My favourite bit was visiting
the Victorian village. I enjoyed visiting Willow Cottage that was
built by Mr William Bagnall and the black smith's FORGE where they build jousting weapons and tools.
After that we went to the challenge room to test our courage in our
most feared places like in a thunder storm or an
earthquake.Then we had to go to the pump house
to meet a guy called Mike and he told us how the
water pump works but he didn't turn the pump on.
Mike said, “It is just like riding a bike”. It was a huge wheel.

Animal cruelty

My diary

Monday March 28Th 2011
A few days ago on the weekend I went to the Pakauranga pools for a nice swim I asked James my best friend if he wanted to come along. James was allowed to come he quickly grabbed his swimming gear and we headed off. My dad Danny was taking us but he didn't want to go swimming. After that we went to the movies but James’ dad took us and James’ family.

On Saturday a fine day ,my dad, my nan, my auntie and I all went to the market and then we went to McDonald's to get a super sundae each. We got the sundae so we didn't get hot because we went to Kelly Tarltons to see wonder full under water sea creatures.

Air presintation

I am poem

I am poem


I am passionate and friendly
I wonder why people are killing our planet
I hear people crying
I see people walking
I want to be a scientist
I am passionate and friendly

I pretend to be a billionaire
I feel shakes inside of me
I touch a parakeet
I worry about the world ending
I cry when someone leaves to another country
I am passionate and friendly

I understand that life is hard
I say hello to people
I dream of wrestling
I try to see the weather patterns
I hope I get ear plugs
I am passionate and friendly


The seven stars of Matariki myth

Stuck in the very dreadful and exhausting desert the seven shape shifters dug themselves out
of the skin burning sand and were scavenging for human flesh.

The shape shifters drove the humans towards them by tricking them with the sounds of their relatives voices.The shape shifters turned into vicious deadly animals and disturbingly slaughtered them to death.

The Sky God was so frustrated that the seven shape shifters continued to destroy the human population.The sky god thought up an evil and mysterious plan. He trapped the seven shape shifters while they were stuck in animal form in a magical black net and sent them so far away in the millenniums that today we could only see them in the shape of the seven stars known as Matariki.
There names are Waiti, Wita, Waipun a rangi, Tupu a nuku, Tupu a rangi and Uruarangia.

What am I?

What am I
I am one of the pillars
I can help you survive.
I move fast and slow.
I can be something very dangerous.
I can make every thing in the world die if I stop.
I am made up of gas.
I can be hot or cold.
YOU can feel me.
All living things need me to live.
I help make electricity.
I have weight.
I take up a lot of space.

Can you figure out what am I.

Cooking group

This is the menu of what the gardening group ate for their morning tea. The people that were in the group were Lisiate, Christian, Gabriel, Hannah, me (Jerome) and our teacher was Mrs Palmer.
On the menu was roast potato with garlic, herbs, carrots, kumera, cooking oil and finally some spinach.