Friday, 19 April 2013

MOTAT trip

Yesterday we went to MOTAT to learn about simple machines such as a lever, a pulley, a wheel etc. I was excited to learn about all these simple machines because I didn’t even know that a simple machine could go as far back as a peice of wood and that is just mind blowing. Well then again quite a few objects need simple machine like a pair of scissors or a gear.

At MOTAT we first went all the way to the other side where we had morning tea so we had enough energy to walk all around.At MOTAT we explored the new exhibits because it was ARMY MONTH YAY!!! So we had a pretty good look at the armoured personal carrier and the AA guns which where much more cooler than in a game. I was looking at the real stuff and they appeared to be much bigger than in a virtual world

Then we shot over to the Victorian village and had a greate look at the much older simple machines and they were bizzare. The machines where alot different to what we use today.The black smiths used to use anvils to make and sharpen tools. Well, thats what I believed. Who knows! Maybe they used dragons as stoves or antarctica for a frezzer.

After that we had a look in the old shops that had a few simple machines in them but not much that caught our eye. Then again we saw an olden day wheat-bix box which was cool looking.

When we finished looking at all that we had to see in the shops,we went to catch our tram ride. We had a slight delay as the tram was stuck in the middle of the ride so the driver was fixing it. He told us about the trams and how old they were.

when we got back we had to hop off and go and have our lunch. When we were done. We had to go to our class room session and that was a blast as we had to make our own simple machine such as a pair of scissors or even a bie plane.

It was an awesome experience learning about all these simple machines and I really enjoyed it.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

digital foot print

This is what I was inspired myself to be because I love the science behind it and the beautiful explosions.