Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Having a netbook connected to the internet has most definitely helped me with all of my work and my learning. Without the internet we wouldn't have been able to practice our technological studies.This year having a netbook helped me learn how to use my percentages and fractions.

Also it helped me to learn how to make a video and edit it.My friend taught me how to use the netbook microphone and make it in sync with the video.I was taught by my brothers friend how to upgrade your computer’s hard drive space and how many gigs it can run at. I taught them a few things like how to re image a netbook and just a few basic netbook things. I have learnt my key competencies by using the internet to improve my thinking and Relating to others, using signs and symbols, managing my self and by participating and contributing to others.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Long weekend recount

In the long weekends I went out to do a really big delivery which involved about 50Christmas cakes. It was the biggest order I have ever seen and we made alot of money off it to. On the way back we stopped and had some lunch at a bakery which I thought wasn't gonna be very good. Turns out it was delicious. When we got back home my nan gave me $30 to buy some games off my computer with. How I brought the games was off a software called steam and origin.

I ended up buying Sims city4 and far cry 3 Deluxe edition I was so stoked until I saw how long the download took. So I waited and I waited and sims city had finished downloading but far cry 3 had just started downloading (Only one game could download at a time) So I went and played sims city while far cry was downloading and it’s a alright game. you start off with a randomly generated earth. You click on a island and you terrafourm it (Like making mountains and rivers and all that cool stuff) After you finished terrafourming you get to make a city. You can choose to be a eco friendly city or a oil and coal mining city. It’s completely your choice you also have to build houses and shopping centers. The more houses and land marks you put down the more population you get. Some city's don’t have to have residents in them.

hooray far cry 3 had finally downloaded so I immediately started playing it. It was so intense with all the shooting, driving and cliff jumping into shark infested water and all I had was a knife while in the water. I was just peacefully driving and then my car broke down I hopped out and then I got jumped by a pack of leopards. That was it I went to bed after what happened.

Thursday, 24 October 2013


Hooray it’s guyfawkes and im gonna invite some friends over this year.

On a nice dark Friday night the Knight Riders and bad boys took their fireworks to Auckland its was me, the Knight Riders, bad boys and the Pyrotechnics crew.

When they got to Auckland they went to the Auckland Domain for the family Friday where they went to the Auckland domain and they were letting off little fireworks for the opening.

then they were just waiting for the end so they can let off the big fireworks such as the ground shaker and the sky rockets and stuff.

They had a few fireworks left over so the fused them all together and lit them all off at once. It was like the the entire night sky lit up and it was day.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Dance fever

Today a group called Dance Fever came to glenbrae school to teach us all hip hop. They first tought us the leg manuvers such as steping to the left and bending our knee. after we bend our knee we pull the other leg towards eachother.

Then we pulled off alot of other steps that I can’t really put into text. But anyway it was really fun and next week I hope we learn even more next time.

BMX race flyer

Monday, 21 October 2013

Pedal Power

“ Pumping Pedals” by Maggie Lilleby
SJ Part 4 Number 3 2004

1. Recall
Give a brief summary of the story.
Sally Davies is a BMX driver.

2. Infer
What kind of a person is Sally Davies? Tell why you think this.
Sally Davies is a person that enjoys riding bikes

3. Evaluate
Explain why you think the author entitled the story as “Pumping Pedals”
Because the bikers go really fast

4. Think about it
Why do you think Sally would like to attract more girls to the sport of BMX racing?
Because she wants more competition

5. Recall
How are the bikes designed and what are they made of?
The bikes are designed to go fast even while the wind blows them back,they are made of aluminium and titanium

6. Think about it.
Why did Sally groan as she remembered her first racing bike?
Because it was here first race and she rememberd the mistakes she made

7. Please explain the racing technique called “pumping” and why it might be important?
"Pumping Pedals"  Because there legs go really fast and it’s like there pumping the wheels forward

8. Do you think BMX racing is a dangerous sport. Tell why or why not you think this.
Yes. Because if the bike flips you could snap your neck

9. Synthesize
Please tell what you liked most about the story and why or why not you would like to be a BMX racer. The part I liked about the story was that she was the only girl but she won anyway. I would never want to do this

10. Design a flyer to attract and introduce new riders to the sport. Be sure to tell when and where it meets and what equipment is required. When you are finished please upload to your blog.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

My best friend

My best friends name is James and he has a funny personality and always finds away to make me
laugh. we have been best friends for 6years I believe.

GBI experience

A memorable experience I had in Glenbrae schools camp trip was going to maybes beach and enjoying the lovely sunlight and massive waves. Just relaxing and a little rock climbing in the middle of it. 

Friday, 30 August 2013

This is my start

this is the start of my collage.
I am planning on using these

To be continued

Friday, 23 August 2013

Design examples

 In todays lesson I learnt how to insert and describe a picture. For example the mario picture everyone that's played super mario brothers knows who he is. I had to describe about the negitive things and the positive things about the specific things.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Making our self portraits

Step 1- using photo both
step 2 - importing images into photo shop
step 3 - setting up layers in photo shop
step 4 - sketching the self portrait
step 5 - decorating the self portrait

And this is what I made

Friday, 2 August 2013

Computer tech

Today at technology the year sevens Started to make a rough sketch of our selves

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

An unusual game

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Today soccer was a blast, we got to have a whole session playing a massive 4 team game. Ben chose the first two teams to go up first. First it was Red vs Blue, It was so suspenseful like my cat steering down my dinner Seeing if he would get some of it. Next it was yellow vs
Non-Bibs. The first game was won by a tie of 0 - 0, Then the next game was won by a tie
so all in all It was a Perfect tie.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Geometry- finding areas

17th June 2013

WALT find the Area of 2D shapes


Area of a Square = side x side
Example: The area of a square of side  5cm = 5 x 5 = 25 cm2

Find the area of the following squares:

The area of a square of side  10cm =    100cm2
The area of a square of side  25cm =    625cm2
The area of a square of side  5m =        25m2
The area of a square of side  50m =      2,500m2
The area of a square of side  1km =      1km2

Area of a Rectangle = length x width
Example: The area of a rectangle whose length is 6cm and width is 4cm = 6 x 4 = 24 cm2

Find the area of the following rectangles whose lengths and widths are given below:

Rectangle 1 - length is 8cm and width is 5cm
Area = 40cm2

Rectangle 2 - length is 10cm and width is 7cm
Area = 70cm2

Rectangle 3 - length is 8m and width is 6m
Area = 48m2

Rectangle 4 - length is 16m and width is 10m
Area = 160m2

Rectangle 5 - length is 4km and width is 2km
Area = 8km2


WALT find the Perimeter of 2D shapes


Perimeter of a Square = side + side + side + side or 4 x side
Example: The perimeter of a square of side  5cm = 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 20 cm or 4 x 5 = 20 cm

Find the perimeter of the following squares:

The perimeter of a square of side  10cm =    40cm
The perimeter of a square of side  25cm =    100cm
The perimeter of a square of side  5m =        20m
The perimeter of a square of side  50m =      200m
The perimeter of a square of side  1km =       4km

Perimeter of a Rectangle = length + width + length + width or 2 x l + 2 x w
Example: The perimeter of a rectangle whose length is 6cm and width is 4cm = 6 + 4 + 6 + 4 = 20 cm or 2 x 6 + 2 x 4= 12 + 8 = 20 cm

Find the perimeter of the following rectangles whose lengths and widths are given below:

Rectangle 1 - length is 8cm and width is 5cm
Perimeter = 26cm

Rectangle 2 - length is 10cm and width is 7cm
Perimeter = 34cm

Rectangle 3 - length is 8m and width is 6m
Perimeter = 28m

Rectangle 4 - length is 16m and width is 10m
Perimeter = 52m

Rectangle 5 - length is 4km and width is 2km
Perimeter = 12km

Evaluation: Today I Participated in a class math activity practicing my geometry.

Thank you letter

Room 10
Glenbrae school
Glen Innes

The Rotarians

Dear President
Thank you for sponsoring us to have Duffy books.
Reading has improved majorly in our school with all the free books.
It’s an extraordinary deal to get free books for the whole school and not to mention all the learning going on. Please continue to support us as we love reading books even though we have our net books it’s nice to switch over to a nice chapter book.

Thanking you
Yours sincerely

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Snow on my deck?

This morning all around the street was snow which may sound impossible because there can be no snow in Auckland but there was I have image proof this maybe because of the world changing or something I don't know but what I do know is that there was snow and I was excited.

Bacon and egg Breakfast

Title:Bacon and egg breakfast
Ingredients: Bacon, eggs, Bread of your choice and Oil or Butter
What objects you need:.toaster, .spachelor, A plate and a frying pan
  1. Turn on the stove
  2. Heat up the stove and put the frying pan on
  3. Put the butter or oil in the pan, this is so the bacon and eggs don't stick
  4. Start to cook the bacon
  5. After about 6 minutes put the toast on
  6. Take out a plate and put your toast on it
  7. Take your bacon out and put it on the toast
  8. Put your eggs on and wait
  9. Take you eggs out and put them on top of the bacon
Conclusion:Enjoy the delicous breakfast of bacon and eggs
Pictures to go with the recipe

Monday, 6 May 2013

Study ladder score

This is what I achieved while I was on study ladder but it is not good enough that is why I am going to try harder to get the top score.

Friday, 19 April 2013

MOTAT trip

Yesterday we went to MOTAT to learn about simple machines such as a lever, a pulley, a wheel etc. I was excited to learn about all these simple machines because I didn’t even know that a simple machine could go as far back as a peice of wood and that is just mind blowing. Well then again quite a few objects need simple machine like a pair of scissors or a gear.

At MOTAT we first went all the way to the other side where we had morning tea so we had enough energy to walk all around.At MOTAT we explored the new exhibits because it was ARMY MONTH YAY!!! So we had a pretty good look at the armoured personal carrier and the AA guns which where much more cooler than in a game. I was looking at the real stuff and they appeared to be much bigger than in a virtual world

Then we shot over to the Victorian village and had a greate look at the much older simple machines and they were bizzare. The machines where alot different to what we use today.The black smiths used to use anvils to make and sharpen tools. Well, thats what I believed. Who knows! Maybe they used dragons as stoves or antarctica for a frezzer.

After that we had a look in the old shops that had a few simple machines in them but not much that caught our eye. Then again we saw an olden day wheat-bix box which was cool looking.

When we finished looking at all that we had to see in the shops,we went to catch our tram ride. We had a slight delay as the tram was stuck in the middle of the ride so the driver was fixing it. He told us about the trams and how old they were.

when we got back we had to hop off and go and have our lunch. When we were done. We had to go to our class room session and that was a blast as we had to make our own simple machine such as a pair of scissors or even a bie plane.

It was an awesome experience learning about all these simple machines and I really enjoyed it.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

digital foot print

This is what I was inspired myself to be because I love the science behind it and the beautiful explosions.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Jerome's Bio Poem

-L.I: We are going to create simple poems about ourselves called bio poems

Success criteria
should be modelled on the structure below
use highly description language (focus on adjectives)
should make you feel satisfied that whoever reads it will know a deal about who you are

A dreamer, a beliver and kind\
Chemical science, Technology, family
Sad, Happy, Mixed emotions
What happens when I die
Hunts man (spider)
Not getting into university
Get into University
Hit a soft ball Really far
Get into University