Monday, 11 June 2012

What a shocker!

Room 7 went for a class trip to Pak’n Save to learn about food labels and making good choices about the food we buy. I already knew what food labels mean because my aunty owns the Glen Innes Cheltenham Cakes home bakery. I go with my aunty to Gilmours to help stock up on ingredients and she gets me to read the food labels so I don’t get bored. 

During our visit to Pak’ N Save what really surprised me was how much sugar was in the cereal, what a shocker! The group that I was in chose the best tasting cereal because it had the most sugar and the less fibre. I would recommend All Bran as a good cereal. If you want your cereal to be a bit sweeter add some fresh or tinned fruit.

At the end of our trip Pak’N Save gave us a $60 gift voucher for a class lunch.