Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Mr Alan Duff's visit

Today Alan Duffy came to our school while he was in New Zealand. He came in to our class and talked about what our dreams where and at the same time talking about his book that he had made about our NZ hero's. A lot of people were telling him what there dreams where, a majority of them were rugby players. He was only here for a short visit because he had to go to France tomorrow to write another book. Just before he left he answered a few questions and I never knew a lot of the things he said so I learnt a lot. Finally he had to go and we all said our goodbyes, it was an honour having him in our class.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

What a socially responsible person is

WALT: Write an explanation about topics that have set criteria.

Success criteria: We are able to follow the explanation writing process to explain the criteria of what it takes to be a socially responsible person.

Explain what it meens to be a socially responsible person

To be a socially responsible person is to be someone who admits mistakes and apologizes when ever he or she has done something wrong. Also to be someone who helps people in need and shows respect to others. They are always honest and make good choices when ever needed, example you watch someone drop there wallet and they are completly oblivious and he could go grab it and keep it but instead he quickly runs up to that person and gives them back there wallet untouched. They own up if they have done something wrong and face the consequences such as getting in a fight but they own up and apologize to that person while facing the consequences . They must not just be kind to the community but to everyone in it aswell otherwise they are no where near a socially resposible person at all. Also being a socially resposible person is to not expect a reward at all.

Explanation writing

How Do I Get To School In The Morning

W.A.L.T - We are learing to plan and write an explanation.

Explanation - Every moring of the week from monday to friday I get driven to school from my house. It takes at least 7 to 8minutes to get to school so I need to leave my house by 8:20 or 8:30. On the way there I see lot’s of people going to work and leaving to go to school.

I also pass another school on the way there. I have to go through a couple streets one of them I actually used to live in.

First you have to travel down my street and then into Glen Innes, once there you travel all the way onto the street next to K.F.C and go down Maybury Street all the way and make a left, when you get to the roundabout then go down the street to the right, go until you get to the shops and make a left, keep going down the street and turn right and there’s my school.

There are also many other routes you can go through. Most of them take about the same time and traffic is never really bad.

Virtual bike wars

One of my reading tasks was to create a new sport or game which would require the use of bicycles. 
I created a virtual game called Virtual Bike Wars.

Virtual bike Wars. 
In this game people are required to wear simulation goggles while riding down a straight path, 500m long. They must go through lots of simulations such as zombies, jousting and a lot more. There is even multiplayer, where you and your friends can battle it out. If you are knocked off your bike at any time in the simulation then you lose.

I love virtual games. I wonder if this could be made a real life game. It would take alot of effort now that I think about it.