Friday, 23 November 2012

My Bio Poem

LI:To write a bio poem

Line 1: Damien                                                      
Line 2:4 Fun, Respectful, Strong, Tall
Line 3:`Three other brother’s                                                                                       
Line 4: Lover of (Family, travelling, working)                            
Line 5: His family                                                 
Line 6: 20 minutes of silence a day                          
Line 7: Who freely shares knowledge and respect                                             
Line 8: Fears losing his family respect                                                                       
Line 9: Would like to see his brother in Australia                                                                      
Line 10: Resident of New Zealand                                        

My Limerick poems

LI: To write a limerick poem

Limerick poem

There once was boy named Kizi
whose hair was very frizzy
and even though he had an afro he never ever felt silly

There was an old woman feeling down who always had a frown and
even though her smile was slow she never felt like a clown There once was a boy named Ken who liked to eat hen
but even he liked to show mercy
when it comes to his friend