Friday, 4 July 2014

Team fortress 2

Team fortress 2.

Tf2 is a game which is based on skill and team work. This game is by far one of my favourite games in all existence with the exception that it has gone free to play. The reason this game is one of my favourite is because of the cartoony play style and the choice of weaponry. Now there will be some people who make jokes about the game because it has "Virtual hats"which sell for a butt load for some odd reason. But that is completely beside the point, now lets talk about some of the classes.

First off we have the scout. Now the scout is a very odd class but he is a very important one aswell, just because of the fact that he is so fast!. Now don't get me wrong but he also has one of the strongest weapons in the entire game. If you get 2 clean meat shots onto somebody then they are toast and you better watch out because you wont see em coming.

And then we have the Pyro. One of the most beast classes in the game just because of the spy and sniper hated flame thrower which has one of the most deadliest weapons in the entire game!!. The only reason this weapon is so lethal is because of its devastating after burn damage which lasts for 5 seconds.

Next we have the Sniper, He is know for his amazing sniper skills and his charming Australian accent. He is a really big menace to heavys and soliders as long as they aint right up next to you. The sniper is a class that requires quite a bit of skill and people tend to spend alot of time trying to master the arts of the sniper.

Next we have the soldier, He is not one to mess with just because he has a rocket launcher that when fully crited can do up to 270dmg. Now thats alot of damage, He is also know for  

Daily exercise

During school we do alot of walking            After school I like to play alot of
around especially during                              video games and that increases
morning tea or lunch.                                   my hand strength. I also like to exercise
We also always do some sort of                 my brian with some game quizes
fitness                                                          and things in that nature
or P.E if we have been really good
in class and thaqt would normally go for about 30minutes or so.

Before school I do not do much
but I always love to have a nice
breakfest which is normally
some sort of cereal, toast and

a warm beverage.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Badminton recount

Every Tuesday our class has badminton lessons from a coach named Robbie. My favourite part in badminton was learning all of the techniques while playing, like learning how to adjust our arm in a way to actually help the player in hit strength and speed. For me there was no “ least favourite part” I found everything really enjoyable and great. But there was something I found very interesting, I found that a shuttlecock ( Aka the ball/ Object used for play ) is better and has more agility if it is made out of feathers and a rubber end. With some professional players they can actually hit the shuttlecock up to 260km an hour and that is extremely fast.

This week was out very last session and I really didn't want it to be so. But sadly its true. I really enjoyed badminton and how you play it and I would recommend it to everyone and anyone to play. Another one of my favourite parts was working with my friend in the final tournament and not exactly winning every single game but having a lot of fun while playing.