Monday, 27 February 2012

Bees firework

These things are wild I can say that
because they just go every where

Here is a link to show you
what they look like

Friday, 24 February 2012

Pyro company firework

Pyro company fireworks
OK OK now I know that
I said that Thumping thunder
Was great which it is
but I guess you can say I really
like this place.

Thumping thunder fireworks

Thumping thunder fireworks
Highly Recommend it Personally
I should get my fireworks from here
but I need your help I cant
Decide So could you help me

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Cascades fireworks company

Cascades fireworks company
Only sold in the united kingdom
if you were wondering.

you know what even though i don't live there I really like these
so if you live in the united kingdom i would recommend it

M-90 Fun or dangerous

M-90 Fun or dangerous you vote
by commenting.

WARNING: If you ever buy M-90s make sure
you Wear glasses they may cause blindness.

Quest for new years eve fireworks

Quest for new years eve fireworks
I think that these are some pretty good fireworks. I am a fireworks
City freak and I Am not the only one. So if you know any places in Auckland
That you think Are pretty good I will go there because This Year me
and my Best Friend's are all chipping in to buy a lot.

Here are Some places I recommend:

Pyro Company
Thumping thunder
Bad boy

Thursday, 16 February 2012

celery surprise reflection

the celery was green but the bottom of it was blue

you can use other objects such as carrots or flowers

celery is really good in salads

celery has a really nice smell

celery surprise

different colours

1 stalk of celery
A glass jar
food colour
see if you can do some other objects

2 Steps to have a celery garden
First we filled the egg tray with dirt and seeds
then we water them
and then you have a celery surprise

these are two different projects