Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The lifejacket

Today we learned about the life jacket, the life jacket is used when ever on a boat or out in sea. The main goal of the life jacket is to keep you afloat if you fall into water.

A life jacket needs to be tight and secure on your body and make sure that it will not go above your head otherwise it will possibly drown you.

We should always wear life jackets while on a boat or out at sea even before you get onto the boat.
Making sure the lifejacket is fitted correctly

Tupapakurua Falls Track

A hike is going for a walk for a long distance, esp. across country or in the woods. Most people like to hike through the woods, but some people like to hike around and up big mountains.

The track is used for people to stay on and not get lost in the making, It is also used for saftey purposes such as if you where walking on normal terrain without the right equipment then you are bound to get injured (Unless you are a pro hiker), Tupapakurua Falls Track
track is 11km long and normally take 4 - 5hours on return.

Tell someone your plans while leaving a date to raise the alarm if you haven’t returned. You must check the weather forecast and track conditions.What you also MUST take with you is  windproof and waterproof clothing (raincoat and overtrousers), sturdy comfortable shoes or boots, food and plenty to drink, sunglasses and sunscreen and a first aid kit

Some of the special features of this track are that you get to see lots of exclusive wildlife and different plants and nature, you can also see a beautiful waterfall


Thursday, 13 March 2014

Bio poem about my friend

Bio Poem

Who is smart, athletic and respectful
Who loves sports, video games and cars
Who wonders what happens when people die
Who fears cats, gorillas and snakes
Who feels happy when he heres the sound of rain
Who is able to participate in all activities
Who would like to visit the Efflie tower, visit the statue of liberty and climb mt everest
Who dreams of going to university
Who is Ambitious


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Our schools temperature

                Today I learnt how to make a area graph.

                  I also learnt how to make a line graph


Today we had basketball and this was our 3rd lesson. Today we were learning our chest pass, over head and bounces. We were practising these 3 types of passes, but before we were aloud to start practising we had to start with our warm ups. Which involved lots of running, star jumps, push up and spinning and ohh that made me dizzy. After the warm-up we got right into our practices. We were all really hyped after the warm-up so we had no problem with our practices. After alot of chest passing and bounces we were finished, I really enjoyed our time practising with our coach steph and can’t wait till next week.


Bio poem

Bio Poem

Who is smart, tall and hilarious
Who loves video games, pyrotechnics and travelling
Who wonders how this world will end, and when
Who fears death, zombies and deadly infections
Who feels complete, happy and sometimes emotional when the family gets together
Who is able to help anyone in need
Who would like to travel all over the world, explore the cosmos and develop my own next generation console
Who dreams of travelling the galaxy
Who is very Ambitious.

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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Favourite fruit

What I can see from both of these graphs are that mangos are the most popular and they show that very clearly. But for me the pie graph shows it more clearly than the bar graph