Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Basketball recount

Today our class had our final basketball session and it was great. When we arrived to the court we were greeted with our fabulous coach Steph. She immediately told us to line up on the white line and wait until further instructions. Our first instruction was to go for a little run, The point of this was for a warm up session so we don’t get injured while we were playing. After that we were split up into 2groups. With those 2groups when coach Steph called out a number we had to send that many people out to go and grab a ball but they had to pass it to everyone first before they could score a goal ( Or try and score a goal that is) 

Monday, 14 April 2014

Warming up, Cooling down

  1. This is a non-fiction text, why do you think the author begins with a narrative about Freddie on page 2? To explain how the body temperature of the human body

  1. On page 6-7 there is a diagram of Freddie’s clothes and Aput’s clothes. Compare the two and consider which clothing would be warmer, and which would be more comfortable. Explain which items you would prefer to wear in the snow and why. I would rather wear the Aput’s clothes because there is alot of layering and insulation in the warm animal skin.

  1. Present the information you have learnt about keeping warm and staying cool as an information report. You must:
    1. Include one section on staying warm, and one on keeping cool.  
    2. Use an example (either from the article or your own experience) to describe how to keep warm, stay cool.

How to keep warm.
Humans naturally keep warm with clothing or warm material. Some materials such as animal fur, wool etc. Another way of humans keeping warm is by moving their muscles and generating body heat. Your body core heat has to stay at a constant 37 degrees Celsius and if that goes to 36 - 38 you are either over heating or your freezing so you must stay at 37 degrees Celsius. If you ever go for a bush walk you must remember to keep warm and make sure you are always on top of your energy count just so you don’t go under hypothermia.

How to keep cool
When humans get to hot they start to sweat. When we sweat the body is cooling down but it will  also dehydrate you so when you are walking long/far distances you will always need to carry a water bottle with you. Also try and stay under alot of shade from trees and stuff just so you do not get a sunburn. Sweating cools you down by reducing the heat from your skin because when you sweat it evaporates from the heat in your body and it will take the heat along with it.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

An unusual night.

“it was a dark cold night,”  “I was wondering around because my house was being investigated for a murder as they thought I was a killer, I didn't know what to think really my sanity was depleting bit by bit as I wondered.” “I walk a bit more when I realised I was lost I was new to this town and I didn't know my way around I was staggered seeing visions looking back into the past and then it hit me literally I fell on the ground with a massive thud and slowly fading away ready to just give up but then I remembered I was at the murder.”

“I saw a man tall pale skin with a black mask on he looked at me and said,” “Forget me I am just your imagination you are dreaming all this is just a fragment of you mind that will be lost forever” “Then I slowly get up I try my best to get to a police station or my house but my mind was foggy I was wobbling from left to right starting to hear things in the darkness I closed my eyes for the slighest second and I was gone passed out on the floor, about three hours later I got a grip of myself and woke up but I had lost my mind looking around as if I was mental then all of a sudden I was in my house on my bed I was wondering if I was still alive if I was dead and I was just looking back into my past as if i was at the murder.”

“I thought to myself”  “this can’t be im im still alive what about my wife and kids I, I can’t go without seeing them one last time I never even got to say goodbye” “Then I heard a familiar voice as if I had heard it before” “Forget me I am just your imagination you are dreaming this is all just a fragment of you mind that will be lost forever” “Then it reminded me of the killers voice I listened from where the noise was coming from and slowly creped over to get a massive shock as if someone had stabbed me right through the chest with a knife and I said” “it’s it’s me im the killer and the person that I killed was my wife”
“ I just kept thinking no no this can’t be I would never do this and why don’t I remember all this.”
“I suddenly woke from my slumber and was gaining my sanity back slowly but surly I made my way back to the house with the noises fading away and the night breaking and the sun rising I remembered everything where my house was where I was I ran back to my house to see that it was gone I was just demolished I thought I was done with this infinite loop of dreams and past replays I I just wanted to end it all and get it over with I confessed my sins hoping that I would just wake up and see my wife and kids sitting on the couch waiting for me to come home and give them there Christmas presents.”

“I finally woke up and noticed that nothing was wrong that I was just having a massive night mare but I was wrong my kids were crying at the sight of there dead mother and my wife and just then I realized that it was me and I must be put away and my kids uhh my kids the can go to my brother in N.Z he is more trust worthy than me and I will be locked in jail for the rest of my life and that is my life story.”

Dead rising Season 1

CHAPTER 1: It’s begun
“A Day at the Beach, or so we thought. Hi my names John and today im going to tell you the story of when I went to the beach.”
“It all started on July 13th 2001 when I got up and said i'm gonna go to the beach seeing that it was a scorching day In the neighbourhood.” “ I called my friends and said (Hey man you wanna go to the beach It’s mind blowingly hot isn't it) (ahh yeah man I can do that let me grab some gear and head over to yours.)”

“When he got to my house in his baby blue Holden he was showing me his diving gear with excitement as he wanted to go diving. I rarely go to the beach so I don’t really know what to look out for luckly my mate did. When we got to the beach we noticed there was no one around, I thought to myself,” (hmm why is there no one around it’s such a hot day oh were probably just lucky we don’t have to worry about tripping over some person)”Ok man What do you wanna do first,”, “do you wanna go diving?,”. “Sure” “We put on our diving gear and waddled in I screamed out to my mate”, “Ahh DUDE WHY IS THE WATER RED,” “ I DON’T KNOW i’ll COME OVER AND CHECK IT OUT,” “ OK, he made his way over to me and said,” “ Ohh no Dude” “What is oh ohhh dude we gotta go that’s a dead guy Ohh dude I feel woozy should we go get the police,” “ahh yeah,” “We went back to were the car was meant to be but it was gone,” “dude where is the car we parked it right here,” “Dude I don’t know aye something fishy is going on here and i'm not talking about fish.” “So what do we do it’s getting dark.”

“Well we might need to make a fire for the night because it’s gonna be Pitch black you should know.” “Yeah but There was a dead guy in the water and frankly I don’t like that,” “you will have to deal with it for the night because that’s life in the big city you know,” “yeah I guess well lets get some shut eye we got a mile walk home.” (4 hours later) “BRRRHH BRRRHH,” “Hello who's there, dude DUDE WERE ARE YOU,” “ BRRRHH,” “AHHHHHHHH,” “I got up and ran as fast as the wind luckily the street lights were on and I had some light I stopped in the middle of the street and turned to notice that my mate was a flipping zombie I was startled and did’t know what to do besides run my house was to far and who knows that could have been over run by zombies aswell.”

“I ran and I ran till I couldn't run no more and happened to stop right outside a police station I walked in and blam right in my face another zombie I just ducked and I ran right past him until I found a gun cabinet grabbed as much as I could and walked out the back door and realized that the apocalypse had started, I sat down for a moment and prayed to the lord that my family was alright and that I would last long enough to see them again even if it was my last sight I wanted my family to survive,” “huuuuh huuuh I wonder if I can find any other survivors maybe the army is gonna help I don’t even know any more well guess we I I mean I need to find some food wait a minute that zombie didn't look like bill it looked like that guy that was under the water maybe he was already a zombie and maybe bill is still alive welp lets go.”

“I pulled out my shotgun just in case a zombie got too close for comfort
and need to blow a brain out,” “(cough) sounds like i'm getting a flu need to find medicine and clothes because I don’t think that a pair of shorts and this backpack I found in the police station is gonna keep me safe from anything let’s go check the supermarket and the thrift shop
see what I can get there even might be a pharmacy on the way there that hasn't already been looted ahh here we go,”

(A couple hours of looting later) “Ahh there we go got some proper clothes and a bigger backpack nice lets see what we got ohh a few cans of food and drinks some epi pens and morphine plus a phew antibiotics nice all I need is more shotgun shells all I got is a single clip well better get going before a bandit comes in and blows my head off.”
( Days survived: 3days 6hours 7minutes and counting) “Bang Bang,” “Oh gosh gunfire where is it coming from, are they killing zombies and saving survivors or are they bandits killing anything they see, Uhh sounds like a light machine gun maybe military I don’t know,”

“I was scared but one way or another I had to get past that gunfire so what I did would be classified as stupid but it worked,” (walks out into the open) “HELLO PLEASE DON’T SHOOT I'M FRIENDLY,” “ok guys stop the gunfire we got a survivor over here,” “don’t trust him he could be a bandit,” “Noo no guys i'm friendly look I put down my weapon can I join you guys my friend died back at the beach and I cant get that image out o....,” “JOHN i’m over here,” “Bill you’r alive I thought I saw a zombie eating you,” “no man you saw a zombie eating another zombie I ran to the street and made my way here man hey guys let him in,” “ sure,”
“ Bill why didn't you help me”, “ there were to many around I thought you were gone man i'm i'm sorry but I promise to stay by your side through the rest of the way,” “ Yeah man friendship,”

CHAPTER 3: Supplies
“So we thought of a plan for what we could do about this zombie apocalypse first we thought of getting better fire power then a shotgun with a clip and a LMG with no more ammo lets go loot.” “you and you go and get what ever ammo and weapons you can get and you and you go and get what ever food you can get Myself and Bill will go and see if we can find any vehicles to get off the hell rock they call a country take a weapon with you like a pipe or a axe anything you can use for killing I would advise you take a tool that can open doors just in case you don’t want to make any noise also be very careful of other survivors they can and most probably will try to kill you and take what ever you have on you, ok brake.” “Bill check out what I got,” “ Ohhh yeah antibiotics I could use some of those,” “sure here you go,” “ thanks man you’r a life saver,” “Don’t worry about it just be careful there could be anyone or anything watching us,” “hey look a city could be good,” “yeah” (About 20minutes later) “ok here we are the city you know I always wanted to go to town with one of my friends because normally I go by myself and oh nothing,” “cool we never went to the ci..” “BANG,” “Bill get in the forest we got a DMR aiming right for us,” “John Go go,” “Look at him all snug as a bug I hope he get’s eatin buy a zombie,” “yeah I hope so too we could use
that DMR well let’s sneak around this son of a gun.”

“Yeah ok.... wait is he shooting,” “Yeah is he shooting at us (Takes one small look out)no looks like he’s shooting zombies Oh oh he got eaten yep zombies ate him,” “well looks like we can get that DMR off him as long as we can get past those zombies, wonder if he’s got a vehicle any where maybe a bike or a car anything to get us around fast also I wonder if he’s got any more weapons up there I heard him shoot a shoutgun or something” “yeah any way keep any eye out there could be anything around.”

(Back to the fort) “Jacob: Dude John and Bill have gone to go and get a vehicle and we were meant to go and get food,” “Danny: Yeah well i’m taking a weapon just in case we need to hit a head off and who knows we might fi...,” “BANG” “ohh dang sounded like a DMR shot I hope that John and Bill are alright sounds like it was coming from the road they went down,” “We can only hope we don’t encounter a bandit on the way” (1 hour later) “dude look over there a survivor,” “yeah i’ll take him out,” “no wait dude he could be friendly he has nothing on him he could help us,” “no Jacob have you never played Day Z you never trust another survivor unless there people that you know you can trust,” “Danny you know that I can d..,” “hey who’s there please don’t hurt me I was on my way to work then this zombie take over started,” “Ok, you can go just leave everything where it is ok,” “yeah ok just please don’t hurt me,” “Danny this guy could be of use,” “No Jacob we just leave him where he is, at any time he could crack and take us all out,” “OK ok, So what do you say we do exactly?,” “We just leave him and let him go on his own way,” “Hey guys?,”
“What?,” “ Do you guys have a map or something so I can find my way to the bunker,” “What bunker?,”
“You don’t know what the bunker is?,” “No we..,” “Danny remember, it was on the news a couple weeks ago, The government were announcing that if there was ever a zombie outbreak all citizens not infected must go to the bunker and stay there until this is all solved.” “Yeah what he said,” “Alright, but even if we did have a map why would we give it to you?,” An awkward silence flooded the room. “Well?.” “ I don’t really know.” “Well I guess you can be on your merry way now and no one needs to get hurt!.” “Ok.”
He left the room and with him a swift breeze of cool air came rushing through the door he had left through. “Alright Danny you go and get that store over there I will check this place over here,” “Sounds like a plan,” (1hour later) “DANNY,” “YEAH?,” “I FOUND A RIFLE!,” “OH SWEET LET ME COME OVER TO YOU.” “Oh dang man!,” “I know right, It’s a really nice rifle.. it has a name on the side.. a.. M.. M24.” “How many rounds?,” “umm 14rounds and 5in the chamber” “That’s sick man I found a backpack and filled it with tons of medical supplies and tons of food plus I found this pistol with a full clip (18bullets) and 2packets of bullets (40 in each)” “nice, Wanna check out this store, it has a lock on it and it looks like it hasn’t been looted yet,” “Yeah ok!, You bring anything with you so we can get this lock off?,” “Yeah I did (pulls out a fire axe) This should do just fine!” CLANG!! “There we go alright open the door” “ Woow dude this is a gun store!!,” ‘Oh damn,” “Alright grab everything you can hold and quick I can hear zombies outside...” Click* “DUDE RUN THE ALARM TRIGGERED!!.” (They both turn there attention towards the door) “IT’S THAT GUY!!,” “I TOLD YOU WE SHOULD HAVE TAKEN HIM OUT WHEN WE COULD,” “YOUR RIGHT,” (BANG, BANG) “WOW DUDE YOU HEAR THAT?” “YEAH MAN GUN SHOTS,” “WE NEEDA GET OUTA HERE,” (1hour later) “Holy hell man, we just got outta there with our lives, those guys where bandits and they killed that guy that we had left.” “Good,” “Yeah, So what did we get?” “ I got a Cz550 a M14 and a few pistols and I grabbed ALOT of ammo along with all that food and medical supplies, What did you grab?” “I got that M24 a M249 and a mp7 with alot of ammo aswell, Also got alot of food and medical supplies,” “Nice Bill and John will be very pleased,” (Back to Bill and John)

Bill: “Wow this guy had alot of stuff!,” John: “any keys?” “Yeah” “alright, what does it go to?” “Maybe that car over there... TO BE CONTINUED

Sunshine online co-op

Today I learnt how to play co-op in a reading game with one of my friends. I managed to ace every challenge that my partner was throwing at me. I also got a head start because I read the entire story