Thursday, 24 October 2013


Hooray it’s guyfawkes and im gonna invite some friends over this year.

On a nice dark Friday night the Knight Riders and bad boys took their fireworks to Auckland its was me, the Knight Riders, bad boys and the Pyrotechnics crew.

When they got to Auckland they went to the Auckland Domain for the family Friday where they went to the Auckland domain and they were letting off little fireworks for the opening.

then they were just waiting for the end so they can let off the big fireworks such as the ground shaker and the sky rockets and stuff.

They had a few fireworks left over so the fused them all together and lit them all off at once. It was like the the entire night sky lit up and it was day.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Dance fever

Today a group called Dance Fever came to glenbrae school to teach us all hip hop. They first tought us the leg manuvers such as steping to the left and bending our knee. after we bend our knee we pull the other leg towards eachother.

Then we pulled off alot of other steps that I can’t really put into text. But anyway it was really fun and next week I hope we learn even more next time.

BMX race flyer

Monday, 21 October 2013

Pedal Power

“ Pumping Pedals” by Maggie Lilleby
SJ Part 4 Number 3 2004

1. Recall
Give a brief summary of the story.
Sally Davies is a BMX driver.

2. Infer
What kind of a person is Sally Davies? Tell why you think this.
Sally Davies is a person that enjoys riding bikes

3. Evaluate
Explain why you think the author entitled the story as “Pumping Pedals”
Because the bikers go really fast

4. Think about it
Why do you think Sally would like to attract more girls to the sport of BMX racing?
Because she wants more competition

5. Recall
How are the bikes designed and what are they made of?
The bikes are designed to go fast even while the wind blows them back,they are made of aluminium and titanium

6. Think about it.
Why did Sally groan as she remembered her first racing bike?
Because it was here first race and she rememberd the mistakes she made

7. Please explain the racing technique called “pumping” and why it might be important?
"Pumping Pedals"  Because there legs go really fast and it’s like there pumping the wheels forward

8. Do you think BMX racing is a dangerous sport. Tell why or why not you think this.
Yes. Because if the bike flips you could snap your neck

9. Synthesize
Please tell what you liked most about the story and why or why not you would like to be a BMX racer. The part I liked about the story was that she was the only girl but she won anyway. I would never want to do this

10. Design a flyer to attract and introduce new riders to the sport. Be sure to tell when and where it meets and what equipment is required. When you are finished please upload to your blog.