Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Having a netbook connected to the internet has most definitely helped me with all of my work and my learning. Without the internet we wouldn't have been able to practice our technological studies.This year having a netbook helped me learn how to use my percentages and fractions.

Also it helped me to learn how to make a video and edit it.My friend taught me how to use the netbook microphone and make it in sync with the video.I was taught by my brothers friend how to upgrade your computer’s hard drive space and how many gigs it can run at. I taught them a few things like how to re image a netbook and just a few basic netbook things. I have learnt my key competencies by using the internet to improve my thinking and Relating to others, using signs and symbols, managing my self and by participating and contributing to others.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Long weekend recount

In the long weekends I went out to do a really big delivery which involved about 50Christmas cakes. It was the biggest order I have ever seen and we made alot of money off it to. On the way back we stopped and had some lunch at a bakery which I thought wasn't gonna be very good. Turns out it was delicious. When we got back home my nan gave me $30 to buy some games off my computer with. How I brought the games was off a software called steam and origin.

I ended up buying Sims city4 and far cry 3 Deluxe edition I was so stoked until I saw how long the download took. So I waited and I waited and sims city had finished downloading but far cry 3 had just started downloading (Only one game could download at a time) So I went and played sims city while far cry was downloading and it’s a alright game. you start off with a randomly generated earth. You click on a island and you terrafourm it (Like making mountains and rivers and all that cool stuff) After you finished terrafourming you get to make a city. You can choose to be a eco friendly city or a oil and coal mining city. It’s completely your choice you also have to build houses and shopping centers. The more houses and land marks you put down the more population you get. Some city's don’t have to have residents in them.

hooray far cry 3 had finally downloaded so I immediately started playing it. It was so intense with all the shooting, driving and cliff jumping into shark infested water and all I had was a knife while in the water. I was just peacefully driving and then my car broke down I hopped out and then I got jumped by a pack of leopards. That was it I went to bed after what happened.