Wednesday, 19 February 2014

What a socially responsible person is

WALT: Write an explanation about topics that have set criteria.

Success criteria: We are able to follow the explanation writing process to explain the criteria of what it takes to be a socially responsible person.

Explain what it meens to be a socially responsible person

To be a socially responsible person is to be someone who admits mistakes and apologizes when ever he or she has done something wrong. Also to be someone who helps people in need and shows respect to others. They are always honest and make good choices when ever needed, example you watch someone drop there wallet and they are completly oblivious and he could go grab it and keep it but instead he quickly runs up to that person and gives them back there wallet untouched. They own up if they have done something wrong and face the consequences such as getting in a fight but they own up and apologize to that person while facing the consequences . They must not just be kind to the community but to everyone in it aswell otherwise they are no where near a socially resposible person at all. Also being a socially resposible person is to not expect a reward at all.

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  1. Good work Jerome, I like your example of returning a dropped wallet, this happened to me once, and I was so grateful to the person who returned it to me.