Friday, 22 August 2014

Logic Puzzle

WALT: Solve problems by cross referencing clues
We found out all of this information with these clues.
1.The purchase that included parsnips cost 1 dollar more than the order that included Kale
2. Kathryn's purchase cost 1 dollar more that Alisha's purchase
3. Alisha's order cost less than the purchase that included onions
4. Leo's order included onions
5. Leo's purchase is either the $6.25 purchase or the $4.25 purchase.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Powhiri Recount

On thursday the 7th around last week we had alot of very important people come to our school, Some of these include Len brown and Nick smith along with the board of trusties. During the powhiri we sung to these people and and greeted them to our school, They where talking about the changes around our area in laybourn circle and how people are being moved around. They also promised that the houses that would come in would make our community 100x better. After that they did the sod turn, Len brown and Nick smith did this while some one blessed the ground that they dug the dirt out of. This was all because we are making a early childhood centre, There were protesters trying to ruin what we had going on that day but that didnt work, After all was done and the Powhiri was over they went to the new scout hall with the school leaders and I cant go any further past that as I didnt go.