Thursday, 16 October 2014

Holiday Explanation Writing

The Holidays.The best time of the term, A two week period where we do not attend school. For family fun and for Rest and Relaxation. Its for fun times and happy days, Well it was all fun and games till Sunday the 5th around 2 in the morning the power collapsed. It was quite spooky as I was still awake during that power out.

But before this happened I spent alot of time playing games with my friends. Sometimes with my friends that were over my house and we would play alot of games on my Xbox / Computer, But sometimes with my friends that I play with online. Games I really enjoyed playing were Fifa 15, GTA 5, Cs:Go, TF2 And Borderlands 2.

I cooked alot of food as well, not just for me but for alot of the people who were in my house as well. I used a Grill / Barbecue to cook alot of the food that myself and my friends / family ate for dinner / lunch / breakfast. I also had to go down to pak n save alot, I was driven in my car by my Aunt / Dad down there to get some food to cook. This would normally involve but would not be limited to, Bacon, Eggs, Steak, Mince, Sausages, Spaghetti, Burger Patties, Bread (To Toast) And Beans. We would also boil water on the BBQ to make coffee or Milo’s, Sometimes hot tea as well.

I went to the movies only once but when I went there with my friend and a caregiver. We went to see the Maze Runner, it was a movie that I had never seen before and I really enjoyed that experience. We had made it to Sylvia park using our house car or our business van. When we got there we were going to buy Popcorn, Ice creams and Sodas but there was a power out the day before and the ice creams all melted. This did not matter as before the movies we brought some lunch, Butter chicken with rice, Naan bread and a Drink, I got a coke while my friend got a L&P. Since we parked near the food court we had a small walk over to the movie theater, Maybe 3 - 5 minutes

During the holidays the things I really enjoyed were Going to the movies, Playing with my friends and Cooking for my friends and Family.

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